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March 13, 2023

Account holders, or guarantors of minor children’s accounts, are liable for materials checked out to their account; they should not loan their library card to others, and if lost or stolen, the cardholder must report that loss to the library as soon as possible. If desired, account holders may designate one authorized user for their account. The authorized user must have a library account in good standing, then is permitted to check out items on behalf of the cardholder; however, the account holder is liable for materials checked out by their designated authorized user.

Resident library accounts are available to individuals who provide proof of a physical residence within the city limits of Rapid City or within Pennington County. Proof includes documentation that one resides at, owns or rents a physical residence or business in the city or county, or that one receives mail, at no cost, at a local agency that assists individuals who are homeless or living in transitional housing. Addresses are verified through Rapid City’s geographic information system.

Post Office boxes, personal mailbox services and commercial mail service addresses may be used as a mailing address but do not constitute verification of a physical residence.

If a person has fines or fees at another Black Hills Library Consortium library, that blocked account must be cleared before receiving an RCPL account.

A photograph will be taken at the time of registration; such photos are confidential, as is all patron account information. Inclusion of the photos will:

  1. Help prevent the use of lost or stolen library cards;
  2. Assist staff in identifying and serving patrons who have forgotten their cards;
  3. Aid in the location of patrons in case of an emergency.


Resident accounts, including Home Delivery accounts, are valid for two years from date of issue. However, if the contract for county library services terminates, county residents will be informed that their accounts will expire when the contract ends.

City or County residents 18 years or older must present:

  • Photo ID, date of birth, and verification of a current physical residence in Rapid City or Pennington

County City or County residents 17 years old and younger:

  • A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must have a library account in good standing, then may authorize an account for the minor.
    • A parent or guardian must present photo ID, date of birth, and verification of a current physical residence in Rapid City or Pennington County

Home Delivery

Individuals within the city or county who have a physical barrier to library services including temporary or permanent disability, injury or illness.

  • Photo ID or verification provided by facility, date of birth, and verification of a current physical residence in Rapid City or Pennington County
  • Applicants must complete a home delivery registration form
  • Delivery is only available within the Rapid City School District boundaries within Pennington County


Individuals who own property in Rapid City or Pennington County, but who reside elsewhere or who use a mail stop address may obtain an account that is valid for one year; this allows for annual confirmation of property ownership through property tax statements. Such individuals must present:

  • Photo ID, date of birth, and verification of current property ownership in Rapid City or Pennington County
  • If 17 years old or younger, a parent or guardian over the age of 18 must have a library account in good standing, then may authorize an account for the minor


Non-resident accounts may be used to check out physical materials only; they are not valid for use of the online collections, due to restrictions by the vendors of those services. Payment of a non-resident fee is required, as outlined in the Lending and Fees Policy; the account will be valid only for the term of purchase.

Identification and registration requirements for non-residents 18 years and older and those who are 17 years old and younger are the same as identified in the Resident Account information above.

    Patrons who provide an address at locations primarily expected to be short term, seasonal or used to establish mail services without an ongoing local presence may purchase a non-resident account as noted above. Or, they may obtain a 180 Day Resident account at no cost by providing proof of their physical residence lasting 180 days or longer within an annual period. If they had previously paid for a non-resident account, they may be eligible for a refund after providing proof of their residence lasting 180 days or longer.


Agencies within the city or county, including assisted living, retirement, schools, and childcare facilities whose clients are unable to utilize library services without assistance may apply for an institutional account. Service provided by the library is not intended to take the primary place of an agency providing library service for themselves when they are specifically charged to do so. The organization’s chief executive, or the person with financial authority for the organization, must sign approval of the institutional account and designate authorized users.

  • Accounts are valid for one year from date of issue
  • Institutional applicant completes an institutional registration form
  • Institution is financially liable for lost or damaged materials
  • Institution must furnish and maintain a list of authorized users of the institutional account
  • Delivery is available as described above for Home Delivery individuals


For use of the library’s public access computers by patrons who are ineligible to apply for a library account or for which library access is temporary, e.g. youth without a guardian or tourists. Computer Access accounts are not intended to replace or duplicate library accounts for patrons who are eligible for or who have existing accounts.

  • Computer Access accounts are valid for one year from date of issue
  • No checkout privileges permitted
  • Name and birth date required
  • A photo ID is required for patrons over 18
  • No physical card issued


  • Verification of current physical residence is required before an account is renewed • Accrued fees must be paid down to a level that unblocks the account • The guarantor (parent and/or guardian) may renew accounts for all family members


  • A photo ID or photo on file, date of birth, and verification of residential address is required to replace a library card

Revised March 13, 2023; February 13, 2022; April 13, 2020; January 22, 2020; October 14, 2019; April 8, 2019; July 9, 2018; May 14, 2018; March 14, 2016; January 11, 2016; December 14, 2015; September 8, 2014; July 8, 2013; reviewed October 2012; revised October 21, 2010; July 15, 2010; December 9, 2009; June 14, 2006; April 2006; January 2005; November 12, 2003