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June 13, 2022

Loan Period

(limit of 99 items unless otherwise noted)

Automatic Renewals

(up to the number indicated)

May Place Holds

Replacement Fee*

(for lost or damaged items)

Processing Fee

(for lost or damaged items)

Adult and Young Adult Books 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • Hardcover, $30
  • Trade paperback, $20
  • Mass market paperback, $12
$5 per item
Reference 1 week None Yes
  • MSRP/List Price
$5 per item
South Dakota Collection 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • MSRP/List Price
$5 per item
Lucky Day Collections 3 weeks None No
  • Hardcover, $30
  • Trade paperback, $20
$5 per item
Magazines 1 week 2 renewals of 1 week No
  • $8

(Limit of 4 at a time per patron)

According to lending library As allowed by lending library N/A
  • Replacement cost or overdue fees as specified by lending library
Children’s Materials 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • Picture books, BTR, Junior fiction and non-fiction, $15
  • Board books, $8
  • Readalongs, $15
$5 per item
Books to Go

(book discussion bags)

6 weeks 1 renewal of 6 weeks Yes
  • Single hardcover, $30
  • Single paperback, $20


  • Entire bag, $225
$5 per item
Bagged Collections 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • $175 per bag; or, MSRP/List Price for individual missing item(s)
$5 per item
Toolkits 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • MSRP/List Price or individual tools at $4/each
$5 per item
Books on CD 3 weeks 3 renewals of 2 weeks Yes
  • $35
$5 per item
Videos 1 week / limit 10 at a time 3 renewals of 1 week Yes
  • DVDs, $20
  • Blu-rays, $30
$5 per item
Board Games 3 weeks 1 renewal of 2 weeks Yes
  • MSRP/List Price
Video Games 1 week / limit 2 at a time 1 renewal of 1 week Yes
  • MSRP/List Price
Mobile Hotspots 1 week / limit 1 per account – data is turned off once overdue, may be borrowed by patrons age 18 or older None Yes
  • MSRP/List Price

Electronic Devices
(in-library use only)

3 hours / limit 1 per account – may be used by patrons age 18 or older with valid photo ID None No
  • MSRP/List Price
Streaming Content Determined by publisher or studio According to vendor No
  • N/A
eBooks 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day, as determined by patron According to vendor Yes
  • N/A

Exceptions by Patron Type

Home Delivery 6 weeks No renewals for video games 1 renewal of 6 weeks for all other items Yes

As indicated above

As indicated above
Institutional 6 weeks 1 renewal of 6 weeks Yes

As indicated above

As indicated above
Staff As indicated above As indicated above Yes

As indicated above

As indicated above

*Donations of the exact item in new condition (DVDs and video games must be sealed) may be accepted in lieu of replacement fees, but a processing fee still applies. For personal emergencies such as a death in the family, hospitalization, accident, fire, theft, or other financial hardships, staff will use their discretion and judgement to waive lost material charges. Staff will document any fees forgiven in the patron’s record, and a summary of forgivern fees will be reviewed quarterly by library management.

†Renewals may not be permitted due to holds on that material or an account block

‡Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or List Price from library vendors at time of replacement.


Costs are inclusive of sales tax, where applicable. On each February 1, fees set by the Library Director or designee will be reviewed and updated, based on the Midwest Consumer Price Index (as of the previous December 31) and changes in product costs. These costs are posted where applicable in the building.





Returned Checks From Rapid City Code $25 Ordinance 9.04.010
Photocopies & Prints Photocopy machines Letter or legal size, $0.20 per printed side; Ledger size, $0.40 per printed side
Makerspace & Fabrication Use of Makerspace equipment (3D printers, vinyl cutting, laser engraving, large format printing, tools, etc.) Fees for consumable supplies shall be set by the Library Director or designee to recover the full cost of consumable material plus ongoing equipment maintenance.
Merchandise Library merchandise includes such items as phone chargers, earbuds, postage stamps, envelopes, coffee, coffee mugs, cups, branded clothing, and other items that are not required to receive library services. Fees shall be set by the Library Director or designee to recover the full cost to the library plus a reasonable profit to support and enhance library services, except for postage stamps which are sold at current value.
Meeting Room Individuals or groups must pay a fee for the use of a room before library opening hours. The library and its partner organizations are exempt from this fee.
  • Conference Room: $20
  • Hoyt Room: $35
  • Community Room: $50
Meeting & Study Room Policy
Any meetings not open to the general public are charged an hourly fee. The library and its partners are exempt from this fee.
  • Conference Room: $20/hr.
  • Hoyt Room: $35/hr.
  • Community Room: $50/hr.
Meeting & Study Room Policy
Non-resident Cards Patrons residing outside Pennington County $110 per card per year or $9.25 per card per month.
Test Proctoring Staff-facilitated proctoring of tests $20 for non-card holders
Interlibrary Loans Fees assessed only if the lending library charges Varies, depending upon lending library Interlibrary Loan Policy
Collection Agency Fee Fee assessed when patron accounts are submitted to a collection agency. $10 per account submission


Services requiring a library account to log on may be blocked under the following circumstances:

  1. Computer access is blocked for fees in excess of $50
    a. All other library access is blocked for fees in excess of $10
  2. Library materials more than 14 days overdue
  3. Accounts which are expired, manually blocked or flagged as needing verification by library staff


When an item is claimed returned by a patron, it will be renewed for an additional 14 days in order to provide that patron and library staff sufficient time to search for the return. If not found in that period of time by either party, the item(s) will remain checked out on the account and will be subject to all regularly applicable policies, including fees for lost items.


Refunds will be issued for lost and paid materials that are returned in usable condition with the receipt showing payment for these materials within 90 days. Refunds of less than $50 will be made from the library. For refunds over $50, a check will be mailed to the patron within 45-60 days.

Refunds for meeting room rentals will be given only with seven days’ prior notice.

No refunds will be given for Friends of the Library merchandise, collection agency fees, or for the vending machines.

Refunds for library accounts are addressed in the Registration Policy.

Revised June 13, 2022; January 1, 2022; May 10, 2021; April 12, 2021; February 8, 2021 December 14, 2020; September 14, 2020; November 13, 2019; April 8, 2019; July 9, 2018; July 10, 2017; February 13, 2017, March 14, 2016, January 11, 2016, July 13, 2015, April 13, 2015; March 9, 2015; November 17, 2014; July 14, 2014; June 9, 2014; May 12, 2014; February 10, 2014; November 8, 2013; July 13, 2013; December 10, 2012; November 9, 2012; July 9, 2012; May 14, 2012; November 17, 2011; July 21, 2011; March 17, 2011; September 16, 2010; March 10, 2010; November 12, 2009; December 11, 2008; May 10, 2006; October 19, 2005; July 13, 2005; March 9, 2005; August 13, 2003