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October 16, 2023

The Rapid City Public Library provides access to digital information, services and networks to meet the personal, professional and educational information needs of the community.

While internet filters are utilized, users are responsible for determining appropriate access for themselves and dependent minors.

Access Requirements and Time Limits

Computers for library account holders:

  • Ninety minutes of access per day per patron, with time extensions if no other patrons are waiting. Total time allowed per day including extensions may be adjusted by management to minimize wait times.

Rapid access computers:

  • Login access via predefined credentials on each computer
  • Limit of one 15 minute session, no time extension

Makerspace computers:

  • Use is limited to work on projects, design, and training. Activities such as general web browsing, social networking, or gaming are not permitted
  • Available on a first-come basis

Rapid City Historical Collections Room computers:

  • Use is limited to research and digitization. Activities such as general web browsing, social networking, or gaming are not permitted
  • Can be reserved online, otherwise available on a first-come basis

Catalog computers:

  • Use is limited to research. Activities such as general web browsing, social networking, or gaming are not permitted
  • Available on a first-come basis

Wireless network:

  • No time limits
  • All terms of use for internet access apply

Laptops and other electronic devices for checkout by library account holders age 18 and over:

  • As indicated within the Lending and Fees Policy

Terms of Use

All users are expected to use the library’s electronic resources in a responsible manner that includes but is not limited to:

  • Using resources for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only, not illegal or improper purposes
  • Respecting the privacy of others by not misrepresenting oneself as another user; by not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others; by not seeking unauthorized access to any computer system, or damaging or altering software components or any networks or databases
  • Making or printing only authorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data
  • Not sending, receiving, printing, or displaying text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene
  • Stop viewing any site that may create a disruptive environment for other library users or staff
  • Not making any changes to the set-up or configuration of the software or hardware on the library’s computers
  • Using headphones as needed to keep from disturbing other users
  • To protect privacy, users should delete personal files, not save any personal information, and log off the library’s computers when done
  • The library is not responsible for lost data due to network, software or power failure, transmission of viruses, or interception of data transmitted through the wireless network Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of library services.

Revised October 16, 2023; August 14, 2023; September 13, 2021; March 8, 2021; January 22, 2020; April 8, 2019; November 14, 2016; September 14, 2015; May 11, 2015; March 9, 2015; April 8, 2013; January 21, 2013; January 19, 2012; July 15, 2010; August 13, 2003; Adopted June 12, 1996, RCPL Board of Trustees