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May 9, 2020

The safety of children is of the utmost concern for the Library Board and staff. However, the safety and responsibility of children at the library remains primarily with the parent or caregiver and not with the library or its staff. This policy outlines the expectations and guidelines for use of the library by children.

The library provides educational and enriching community spaces, but can pose hazards for unattended children who may encounter circumstances they are unprepared to handle effectively. This may lead to potentially unsafe situations or behavior policy infractions. As a result, parents or caregivers of children age 11 and under must supervise those children at all times. Caregivers must be over the age of 14. Children of every age are expected to adhere to the Behavior Policy.

Should a child be found unattended on library premises, staff will attempt to reach a parent or guardian to pick up the child. If a parent or guardian is unavailable, the appropriate authorities will be contacted, to reach a parent or guardian and/or escort the child home. Likewise, if children aged 11 or younger violate the Behavior Policy to the extent that a suspension is imposed their responsible party must remove them from the library for the duration of their suspension.

At staff’s discretion, unattended children who do not have transportation at or near closing time will be asked how to contact a parent or guardian. Staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian by phone and ask that person to pick up the child.

Revised May 9, 2022. Previous revisions: May 11, 2020; August 12, 2019; May 9, 2016; Adopted September 9, 2013